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Nature and Wildlife on Gotland

Sundre is a perfect place for angling and probably even better for ornithology. To spend a few days in the spring time by Hoburgen is said to be somewhat of a ornithologists dream come true. Besides Hoburgen there are more places within reach for ornithologists, for example Flisviken, Barshageudd, Muskmyr, Kettelvik, Faludden and so on. Sundre is home for 20 different kinds of eagles! One can often see them soar above the moor looking for something to eat.

The shoreline hosts lots of animals, both on and off shore. Many patient anglers enjoy the great outdoor hoping to catch among others salmon trout, pike and cod fish. But, please remember to follow the rules associated with angling. If you are uncertain, please contact the County Administration Board (länsstyrelsen) at Gotland for detailed information. For further information regarding birds and ornithology, get in touch with The Ornithological Society of Gotland (Gotlands Ornitologiska Förening).

Would you like to have a guided tour on angling or ornithology? Please contact Per Jobs at Fish your dream.

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Fishing Gotland, Sweden

Birds Watching - Ornithologists

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Birds Watching - Ornithologists