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Stay at Tore Sundre

It is very quiet and relaxing in Sundre. In the spring one can hear the cuckoo call. It is very pleasant and cannot be heard in the cities. We are grateful that he chose Sundre for home.

Nearby Tore there is a vineyard where the grapevines are standing in straight rows. The grapevines are very much cared for and loved by neighbor Maria. Tore is situated far away from heavy traffic and is sheltered from stormy weather. In the summer time it is embedded in greenery. This place reminds of times gone by. Very much untouched and unique.

Tore is an old manor house deriving from the 14th century. Step by step, with great care and caution and with traditional materials, the house has finally reached the end of a long renovating phase. Much of original details have been saved and restored. However, all imaginable comfort is taken into consideration. Autumn, winter, spring and summer are good times for recreation at Tore.

The house is quite large, approximately 270 square meters and the yard is approximately 12.500 square meters, so there is plenty of room for everyone. It is a perfect place for the large family or two small families. There are three bedrooms that each is furnished with a double bed, comfortable sleeping loft with enough space for at least two adults, extra beds available and one spare room is equipped with curtains for a good night sleep. Furthermore, there is extra space for two people in a small cottage in the backyard. 10 people easily fit. In connection with the large kitchen there is a dining room and a fire place. There are also fire places in the kitchen and in the living room. There are two bathrooms in the house. One with sauna, bath tub, shower, toilet and sink. From the bath tub on the top floor one has a nice view over meadow and forest. The large kitchen is modern. There is a new heating system installed and the house is equipped with floor heating on the ground floor and in the bathrooms of course.

Tore is situated in a lovely parish, where the landscape is of much culture historical value and beautiful nature and surroundings create the most wonderful environment. However, the environment is much more than only looks. So, at Tore the house heating comes from the ground, the electricity is certified as environmentally friendly and of course we organize our garbage according to source.

Tore is situated in direct connection with the nature reserve, close to the ancient ridge Husrygg, Hoburgen, Holmhällar beach, small family owned hotel and limestone formations. Of course hot days should be lazy – on the beach or in the hammock. If one feels tired and worn out, a yoga session or a reviving massage may be a tempting suggestion.