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Sundre & Surroundings

Sundre is situated on the very south of Gotland. The land is narrow and the ocean is always near, from three different cardinal points, to be exact. One can often hear the big waves rumble against the cliffs at Hoburgen. There is no archipelago – only ocean and horizon from three different cardinal points.

Sundre is a very small community. There are only a few houses and farms. And only a few of them are for rent. Everybody knows everybody. Here one can find the most beautiful beaches with white sand, lovely fields and meadows, limestone formations that rises from the ocean in the most remarkable shapes, docks and piers for a morning- or evening swim and one of the most astonishing nature reserves that Sweden has to offer. Cattle, sheep and horses feed on great meadows with marvelous view and surroundings. It seems quite peaceful.

The Swedish white beam trees look a lot like olive trees. They grow slowly but surely next to the old lime stone walls that surrounds meadows, fields and roads. Maybe that is why many people come to think of the southern part of Europe while visiting Sundre. From way back until today people have resembled Gotland and Sundre with Tuscany, Provence and Greece. One can only imagine, but it must be the white lime gravelled roads and the Swedish white beam trees that give people the associations.